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Do you have bugs in your field? Let us know and we can add an insecticide to your fungicide application or just make an insecticide application to control profit robbing insects.

Cover Crop

Depending on what cover crop you go with, they can help with many different soil issues. They can Increase organic matter, break up compaction, increase nitrogen, weed prevention, and reduce nematodes. We have the equipment to handle your cover crop needs.

Our Services



To wet for you to spray burndown? Pasture to rough to get a ground machine in? Give us a call! We are at the office year-round and always just a phone call away.


We strongly believe in applying fungicides at the VT stage in corn and the R3 stage in soybeans. We have seen yields in corn as much as 45 bushel/acre, but we consistently see a 12 to 18 bushel/acre increase depending on the year. For soybeans we see on the average of 5 to 8 bushel/acre increase. We have the technology to provide you with a verification map so you can see the benefits yourself.


Was it a wet spring and you didn’t get all of you nitrogen down that you needed to? Do you want to try to spread your nitrogen applications out? We are equipped to spread dry material and provide as applied maps when the job is done.

Not only do we provide these services but we are also a supplier and retailer for all of the products listed.
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